I added this page to hopefully eliminate most questions people have when they are looking to commission me for a project.

I have broken them down into three main catagories: Flat work (paintings/illustration)

Original sculpture and model horses.

Flat work: Most works are completed in acrylic paints. Additional mediums used are airbrush tints, inks and paints, watercolor and soft pastels. Prices start at $100 for a basic 16 x 11 or 8 x 10 work. Works requiring live models/travel/setup etc. are additional in time required and cost. For this reason, its almost impossible to give you a standard estimate for most paintings. Each project requires detailed information from the buyer on composition, size, format and colors. From this information I can quote a price for commissioned painting.

Original sculpture: Sculpture very different from flatwork in time required, tools and materials needed, and overall costs associated. Depending on the subject, travel may be required either from the artist and/or the buyer. Sizes range from life size, to 1/12 scale. Original works can be collaborations between the artist and buyer with additional rights to sell castings of the original. Prices start at $200 and go up depending on complexity, subject, size, etc.

Model horses:

Painting: Dapple grey, Overo, tobiano, appaloosa – starting at $280 (basic lowest cost)

basic colors $150

Adding dapples start at $50 depending on size of model, amount of body covered etc.

Markings are no additional charge unless its a portrait model.

Adding shoes, customizing (resculpting or adding hair) are an additional cost and prices vary depending on what is required. Time required for completion depends on size, what is required etc.

Interested to know what I do to create the colors you commission? Check out my model horse art page: Model Horse Art


Interested in a quote? Please email me at and give me as much information as you can describing your vision. Thank you!



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