Summer 2019

Stained glass has been a dream of mine for years, and finally in early 2019, I got a chance to try it. Having no prior experience, and with just youtube videos and books I figured I had enough knowledge to at least get into a little trouble…so I jumped right in.

Learning how to work with the glass along with the skill of cutting and soldering was harder than I thought it would be. There is little room for error when it comes to measuring your glass and came. Soldering needs it own chapter when it comes to using it. Countless times I went to apply it after flux only to have it turn into a globular mess.


Shown above is my first project. A cantering horse made with opalescent glass. I drew out the pattern from a sketch I had of a free cantering horse. From sketch to cut is a process in itself too. Just because you can draw it doesn’t mean you can get the glass to work the same.  I figure with time I will improve and hopefully that happens sooner rather than later. :o)




This year has me working up a storm and I am loving every minute of it.

In April I finished “Percheron team”. Its a 11 x 14 that is painted in watercolor and soft pastels. I once owned and raised wonderful percheron draft horses. They are an incredible draft breed, strong and athletic with a calm nature and willingness to please. Everyone who has owned one knows the power they hold in your heart.

This painting is currently listed on

    Art Pal


In march I got on the miniature train and decided it would be fun to put together a “tiny town” of Jordan Highway miniatures. This is still a work in progress and I hate to show off what isn’t finished yet, so make sure to check back to see how that turned out.


In February I finished a custom drastic Arabian model. Made from the Brigit Eberl’s arabian mare. Made into a stallion in extended trot. Painted in a rose dapple grey. This is the same model that I used for my DIY dapple grey painting video on youtube.

Resculpted model ready for paint


Fall 2017

Things are changing in the studio! I made the mistake of spending way too much time and effort working for the Pontotoc Art Guild. I felt a sense of commitment to my community and the artists in it and let that commitment keep me from making the best decisions for the studio and the farm. Coming back has given me a fresh prospective and for that, I am very thankful. It also reminded me how much I appreciate my time in the studio and not to take that time for granted.

Shown above is my most recent work ( in progress). Its 36 x 36 painted in acrylic and soft pastels. I am very excited about this piece and its been hard to put the brush down some days. Its been awhile since I have gotten this excited about producing a piece art, so you know it will be really something when I get it finished. For this piece, I am making a time lapse video of the work completed each day, which should be entertaining for those who enjoy seeing the process.

Summer is here!

Its hot and summer has made it mark already here in Pontotoc, MS. The humidity is through the roof, literally, and the sun’s rays are a never ending source of heat. The animals are handling it well, but its only going to get hotter.

I wanted to share a little work in progress piece. Its a bronco rider on a blonde pony that isn’t interested in having anyone on his back. I have always been fascinated with rodeo, and was even a can chaser back in my youth, so its amazing that I haven’t completed something like this years ago.


Its an 11 x 16 on thick stock water color paper, completed in acrylic, water color and soft pastel media.It will be available for purchase once completed. I feel that this should just be offered as an original piece with no prints offered for sale.


This year has been a whirlwind of trying to get our local art guild’s gala going and doing my best to run the farm, ship eggs, raise kittens and make sure the horses [Hughie] doesn’t get his mouth on any of my neighbors goats.

It gives little time for art work, but somehow I am managing to squeeze it in. This year’s art gala motivated me to get some paintings done. I will exhibit





Both paintings are very different, but were enjoyable to create. Ophelia came out completely different from what my original vision was. Mainly because it was going to be exhibited at the gala and I didn’t want to offend anyone. Both pieces I also entered in Red Clay’s art competition in Huntsville, AL, but each are available for purchase.

Additionally I have been working on a rework of my 2008 sculpture, Mona me. She is really looking nice, completely different and stomping mad! Considering she is still in the work in progress phase I don’t want to tease with any photos, just know she is coming along and I will show off her as soon as I get her completed. If your a fan of animated model horses, she will be one you will love.