The Pontotoc Project

The concept started in 2016, from an experience with a great horned owl…



From there it took on a life of its own, and finally in 2019 the work was finished.


The Legend of Pontotoc

Influenced by the area, and the history of Pontotoc, this piece was completed in epoxy resin and the wood found in Pontotoc county. The finish is patina bronze on the owl with copper undertones The title of the piece comes from the Chickasaw Indian’s fable of the owl, and its job being a guardian for the dead. The entire piece is sealed in non yellowing epoxy and is suitable for outdoor display. Its 39″ tall and little under 50 lbs, so bolting to a concrete slab is not necessary. At a later date, this piece will be installed in a public location for the communities enjoyment.

It was a joy to start this project and to finally see if come to completion. It taught me a lot about avian anatomy, Chickasaw legends and myths and dendrology. It also expanded my education with my favorite sculpting medium, Apoxie sculpt. Many factors held up the completion of this piece, including incredibly wet weather and concept conflicts. In the end I am glad that the cards fell where they did. It lead me down a path of light and has influenced my next avian project. (photos coming soon – clay has already been thrown)

Shown in 2018, before mounted on cedar base.